Greetings from Fish Creek Radio
Greetings from Fish Creek Radio

Greetings Friends welcome to the award winning Fish Creek Radio

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Texas Indie Fest will again be featured at the Red Shed Tavern in Austin, TX during SXSW. This multi-genre independent music fest features 34 artists from across the country for the 7th consecutive year. Co-founders Ervin Pulliam of Match 1 Entertainment and Jeff Classic Popka of Indie on Air! have joined with backline sponsor Blumentritt Amplification as well as Kingdom Sound, Ladylake Music and Indie Connect Magazine to help present this years festivities on March 15,16 and 17.

You're riding shotgun with "The Pickup"

"The Pickup" is produced by the Hot Seat and brought to us by our friends at Webster Public Relations

I was stunned beyond words when I found out Scott has won this award (for a radio guy thats pretty hard to do).  I have known Scott for many years and have always considered him an excellent source of musical knowledge, his dedication to keeping the genre of Tradtional Country alive and kicking is amazing. Hats off to you,Scott, your legion of loyal listeners, and all of the people who have appeared on My Kind of Country.  Without our favorite Monday and Thursday hangout, none of this would be possible.  Cheers



The Daddy 

ION Indie Magazine always has the latest Indie music and music news, and is leading the indie music movement worldwide, click the logo to check it out! 

Our Broadcast Schedule

Our Broadcast Schedule
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A brief description of our programming.


Please note: All times are Eastern Standard Time.


…A Daily Dose… - (10a-6p) A daily dose of musical therapy. …Let your imagination soar and take a musical ride with the misfits at Fish Creek Radio.


My Kind Of Country – (6p-10a) Radio host and Music Scholar, the award winning, Scott Wikle, keeps the genre of Classic Country alive one song at a time. Did we mention great interviews too! Now on Mondays and Thursdays for twice the fun.


Indie Tuesday – (10a-10a) We spend Tuesdays saluting all of our new and old Indie music friends…Like going to the record store, only on your radio.


Pickin’ and Grinnin’ – (6p-10a) A string pluckers delight 

"Cause you just can't play a sad song on a banjo" - Willie Nelson


Free Form Friday – (6p-10a) Friday Night will never be the same again. Any combination of musical ninjas is possible as we take a free form ride thru the musical database...Expect the unexpected.


Happy Deadurday – (10a-8a) We hate fake words so we made one of our own..a Deadheads delight, jam along with the Daddy thru a dead based look at music festivals, The Grateful Dead and side projects. You can also hear the Strangers Stopping Strangers Podcast at 4:20 EST on Deadurday!!


Sunday School with The Professor – (8a-12p) The Professor delivers lessons in Musical Therapy as only the professor can. An excellent way to enjoy Sunday.


A Woman’s Perspective – (12p-8p) Join our dear friend Suzie as she takes us on a musical journey, from a woman’s perspective..


Sunday Night Blues – (8p-10a) The Musical Ninjas at Fish Creek Radio explore the blues, listen for themes and features and wide look at blues music.


We take ourselves seriously around here 

"The formula is simple, but the format is wide. Give the people what they WANT."

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