Greetings from Fish Creek Radio
Greetings from Fish Creek Radio

Greetings Friends 

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The Hacky Turtles have released an awesome album, make sure to pick up your copy of Astro Blastro today!! It's a reaaly killer project from a stellar band!

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Our Broadcast Schedule

Our Broadcast Schedule
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A brief description of our programming.


Please note: All times are Eastern Standard Time.


…A Daily Dose… - (10a-6p) A daily dose of musical therapy. …Let your imagination soar and take a musical ride with the misfits at Fish Creek Radio.


My Kind Of Country – (6p-10a) Radio host and Music Scholar, Scott Wikle, keeps the genre of Classic Country alive one song at a time. Did we mention great interviews too! Now on Mondays and Thursdays for twice the fun.


Indie Tuesday – (10a-10a) We spend a full 24 on Tuesdays saluting all of our new and old Indie music friends…Like going to the record store, only on your radio.


Pickin’ and Grinnin’ – (6p-10a) A string pluckers delight 

"Cause you just can't play a sad song on a banjo" - Willie Nelson


A Woman’s Perspective – (6p-12p) Join our dear friend Suzie as she takes us on a musical journey, from a woman’s perspective..


The Daddy and Your Jam Session – (6p-10a) Join The Daddy for his Musical Therapy Session and jam along as he travels around the musical world searching for the next musical masterpiece.


Sunday School with The Professor – (10a-6p) The Professor delivers lessons in Musical Therapy as only the professor can. An excellent way to enjoy Sunday afternoon.


Sunday Night Blues – (6p-10a) The Musical Ninjas at Fish Creek Radio explore the blues, listen for themes and features and wide look at blues music.


Fish Creek Radio was started by 1 guy with a musical therapy addiction. 6 months later it became a small group of people, with a wide variety of musical tastes.  We love to play really cool music.  Art is music is art!


Fish Creek Radio is simply about music, music is why we are on the air.  We don't sell ads, we don't have corporate sponsors, no one dictates what we play, no one dictates why we play it.


Fish Creek Radio is also about YOU!!  Without you we're just talking to ourselves.  This is INTERACTIVE radio.  If you love us, let us know...the same is true if you hate us.  We are happy to take your comments and suggestions, feel free to contact us here.

"The formula is simple, but the format is wide. Give the people what they WANT."

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