Why we love Wade Hayes!!

HUGE Fish Creek Radio love to Mr. Wade Hayes.  His story is an inspiration to humanity, We Strongly encourage you to "Go Live Your Life"


Go Live Your Life (

My son gives stellar picture to listen

Fish Creek Radio was started by 1 guy with a musical therapy addiction. 6 months later it became a small group of people, with a wide variety of musical tastes.  We love to play really cool music.  Art is music is art!


Fish Creek Radio is simply about music, music is why we are on the air.  We don't sell ads, we don't have corporate sponsors, no one dictates what we play, no one dictates why we play it.


Fish Creek Radio is also about YOU!!  Without you we're just talking to ourselves.  This is INTERACTIVE radio.  If you love us, let us know...the same is true if you hate us.  We are happy to take your comments and suggestions, feel free to contact us here.

"The formula is simple, but the format is wide. Give the people what they WANT."

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