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Surreal Nation is a five-piece, female fronted, indie rock band from the Philadelphia area. They bring a unique blend of high energy indie rock with a bit of jazz progressions, no doubt influenced by Paul, Jackson, and Gene’s history of playing in jazz bands. Just a few years ago, Paul Joseph and Nikki Nation were performing as an acoustic folk duo. Jackson Vari, Kevin Curry, and Gene Nelson were added over the next two years. The band now plays throughout the country. Their dynamic new EP, I Know Better, marks a high point in their evolution into a multi-faceted 5 piece band. No Depression Magazine branded it as “a winner”. Beat Magazine described it as “bound to be one of the most talked about indie records of the year.” The chemistry between these musicians is incredible and it has allowed them to take their music to places they never would have imagined! A must have for any music collection..

International Singer Songwriter Composer Clara Bellino is releasing her fifth album: “Unexpected”. A thought-out contribution to a field Ms. Bellino has always been passionate about, and for which she has traveled the world, “Unexpected” is unexpected in more ways than one. 

Like most creative adventures the recording of “Unexpected” took some ..unexpected turns. With no apology for the combination of styles, countries, sounds, their origins, instruments, languages, or themes, “Unexpected” sets up a free platform for Clara to share the music in her ears and heart and build a universal musical bridge.                         


1. El Crepusculo 2. Leave It To Me - Unplugged Version 3. I Came Here 4. Un Enfant 5. Talking With Angels - Song for Bobby Sharp 6. Echimakko 7. Pense A Moi 8. Leave It To Me - Full Mix Version


"If only all pop music sounded like this! This is truly a work of art!"      - James Salter - Manager of The Evergreen Stage 
"This album is a wonderful expression of her talents as a musician, a songwriter, and an acutely conscious human being.”     - Lincoln Adlerge


Head on over to and purchase a copy today, your ears will thank you.

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…A Daily Dose… - (10a-6p) A daily dose of musical therapy. …Let your imagination soar and take a musical ride with the misfits at Fish Creek Radio.


Eye On Jamz - Keep your Eye On Jamz every Monday at 6pm EST. Hosted by Sheldon Snow and powerd by ION Indie Magazine it's 2 hours of musical bliss and compelling interviews, New, fresh, exciting jamz every Monday, what a great way to spend the evening.


Single Malt Monday – (6p-10a) The happy hippies cruze the musical universe, attempting to make radio sexy again..Soul, Jazz, R&B and a little funk...bring a friend and a beverage..


Indie Tuesday – (10a-10a) We spend Tuesdays saluting all of our new and old Indie music friends…Like going to the record store, only on your radio. At 4pm Beth Williams and The Beth Williams Indie Americana Songwriter Show start of our Indie show focus at 6pm EST The Sound Lab UK is on focusing on indie artists  and at 8pm EST The After Eight Show joins the party with a focus on the freshest indiie music.


Pickin’ and Grinnin’ – (6p-10a) A string pluckers delight 

"Cause you just can't play a sad song on a banjo" - Willie Nelson. Alt. Country, Bluegrass, Americana, Folk and so much more..also broadcast on MKOCradio For twice the fun.


HeadBangers Holiday! - Join the "Collective Mind" at Fish Creek radio at we thrash our way thru a Thursday evening...Helmet and boots required (extra points for creativity) Mosh Pit mandatory.

Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Grunge and any other musical insanities that may be floating around the studio.


Free Form Friday – (6p-10a) Friday Night will never be the same again. Any combination of musical ninjas is possible as we take a free form ride thru the musical database...Expect the unexpected.


Happy Deadurday – (10a-8a) We hate fake words so we made one of our own..a Deadheads delight, jam along with the Daddy thru a dead based look at music festivals, The Grateful Dead and side projects. 

At 1PM EST. we have lunch with The New Music Food Truck, The freshest new music served up every Saturday.   

You can also hear the Strangers Stopping Strangers Podcast at 4:20 EST on every other Deadurday!!  An excellent mix of music and all things Grateful.


Sunday School with The Professor – (8a-12p) The Professor delivers lessons in Musical Therapy as only the professor can. An excellent way to enjoy Sunday.


A Woman’s Perspective – (12p-6p) Join our dear friend Suzie as she takes us on a musical journey, from a woman’s perspective..


Classic's Cookies and Beer Radio Hour - (6p-7:30p) Join music man Jeff "Classic" Popka as he traverses the musical universe, cookies in one hand, beers in the other.


Sunday Night Blues – (8p-10a) The Musical Ninjas at Fish Creek Radio explore the blues, listen for themes and features and wide look at blues music.


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Join music man Jeff "Classic" Popka as he traverses the musical universe, cookies in one hand, beer in the other. Every Sunday at 6p EST.

Keep your Eye On Jamz every Monday at 6pm EST. Hosted by Sheldon Snow and powerd by ION Indie Magazine. It's 2 hours of musical bliss and compelling interviews, New, fresh, exciting jamz every Monday, what a great way to spend the evening.

The New Music Food Truck is pulling up in your neighborhood, you can catch the food truck on Saturdays at 1pm EST on Fish Creek Radio at The New Music Food Truck is serving up the best of today's hottest indie and alternative rock music -- delivered fresh weekly and seasoned with insightful interviews. Driving the NMFT are the Edwards Brothers, Chef/Producer Jim Edwards and Host/Server Stac Edwards. 

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 Strangers Stopping Strangers can be heard every other Saturday at 4:20pm EST. Join Staci Smith for great music and intelligent conversation with a universe of Deadheads.

We at The Sound Lab promote the best new music around. Playing the best of indie to pop, rock to dance, we play them all. Weekly features include interviews from gigs and festivals from around the world and even some over the phone. We play a weekly remix and the last track from a brand new album. We at The Sound Lab have reported from many festivals and have interviewed some incredible bands, all of which you hear on the show. Tune in every week for more great music and more great interviews and hey, you may find your next favourite song!

The After Eight Show airs every Tuesday at 8pm EST.

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