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Fish Creek Radio was started by 1 guy with a musical therapy addiction. 6 months later it became a small group of people, with a wide variety of musical tastes.  We love to play really cool music.  Art is music is art!


Fish Creek Radio is simply about music, music is why we are on the air.  We don't sell ads, we don't have corporate sponsors, no one dictates what we play, no one dictates why we play it.


Fish Creek Radio is also about YOU!!  Without you we're just talking to ourselves.  This is INTERACTIVE radio.  If you love us, let us know...the same is true if you hate us.  We are happy to take your comments and suggestions, feel free to contact us here.


Rick Bedell


I asked my 14yr old for his thoughts on me, Fish Creek Radio and my love for music and was wonderfully thru my told by my SUN and son Nicolas..
I work in the music industry, not because I have to, but because it is one of the many things that build up my life.  Radio is not just a electromagnetic radiation that frequencies from 300 GHz to as low as 3 kHz, radio is like a kid to me, a kid who I raised and nurtured into something that can make the whole world happy.  Fish Creek Radio really just started as a hobby that I did in my spare time, but because of all you guys out there, I turned it into something amazing that I can really be proud of.  Every time I do a radio show, I always think about how I started and where I will go with Fish Creek Radio in the future. I hope with all of the support that you guys give me, I can do alot more for you.- Nicolas Bedell 


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Jim Brege

Fish Creek Radio came to me when it arrived in Traverse City and asked if I would help. And needing the music therapy as much as I do I said yes. Rick and I had worked together years ago at WNMC fm in TC. good old college radio. Doing an overnight weekend show called The Overnight Sensation, of course. Fee form radio is what we did then too. Programming and finding new things to hear are great therapy for me. Having children and grandkids that listen to music helps keep me educated. Enough for now. I’ve got new music to add to the data base. later.


Now that we’ve gotten to 2017 I need to say a few things about this incredible journey called Fish Creek Radio. First of all, music therapy works. And sharing new music is one the best side effects. Whether it’s playing an old favorite or singing something completely new, the music is what matters.

Congratulations to Scott on “Country Radio Station of the Year” What a comment on the state of main stream radio when one person producing 32 hours of original programming a month is given that title. Thank you to the CMA’s for the acknowledgement, I’m stilled stunned. It only proves that Scott was right and the industry has got it all wrong, as usual. “Give the people what they want” still works.

Thanks to everyone in the “collective mind” for input. We wouldn’t be the same without you. The sheer volume of new music coming in from around the globe is truly gratifying. To all you artists, “Thank You” so much for sharing your creativity.

We had a lot of fun working live shows at the InsideOut Gallery. Going to miss that place. Mabey we’ll get to own our own venue soon and spread even more love.

Looking ahead… Just going to enjoy the ride. For now the #MusicalTherapyBus is one strange trip. And something tells me it will only get weirder the further we go.

One more thing. If any of you have an idea for a new show, let’s hear it. Resting on laurels gets stale real fast. We’re all in this together.

You folks are the best.



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Nola Brown, Broadcast and Social Media Manager

Music has always been a giant part of my life. Sometimes it was the only thing that my family agreed on.  I was in band for many years and then in choir. I was introduced to the Austin music scene a few years ago and it was love at first song.  I enjoyed helping my friends out where I could, and was asked the join ESM because of what I was doing. I continued to help out all the bands I could through social media, even picking up some out of state bands. I started taking pictures at shows shortly thereafter also. After ESM broke up a few of my friends and I decided to start our own project called RPM, we love helping bands get the reconition they deserve. I was asked to join IOA and Fish Creek Radio to do media work for them and couldn't be happier.  Love hearing new music and getting it out to the masses. Can't wait to see what the future holds.


Scott Wikle

Scott has taken his passion for classic country to a new level.

My Kind of Country is now available 24/7/365 ...join the fun at

Scott Wikle
"My Kind Of Country"


Suzette Brege

Suzette Brege “Suzy”

Bookkeeper & DJ for “A Woman’s Perspective”


I am “young” at heart. I love music. When I was asked to do a show. I was very hesitant (with no ear for music,) but with my husband Jim’s help I have learned to appreciate all the genre of music. So we came up with an all woman artist show. I try to do a different theme for each show.  

I also keep the books for station.

Thank you to all listeners and any supporters!

Chuck Curtiss, My Financial Team

What’s a financial guy doing in this list? I don’t have a regular show, and you haven’t heard my voice on the station.


But I have known Rick for almost a decade, and agree that we all do well to surround ourselves, daily, with messages (lyrics) that bring life and joy.


I need music therapy too. I listen to music pretty much every day. My interest is limited to only a few hundred years of the greatest hits. I confess that not every song on Fish Creek Radio is near the top of my list of favorite hits. And, for your sake, not every song on my favorites list gets played on Fish Creek Radio.


The programming I work on is special event stuff like Rocking Through the Bible, and Not Your Normal Christmas Carols. I support Fish Creek Radio’s goal of sharing the love, and thank each of you that listen, provide feedback, and support the station. As you probably know, all the people involved volunteer their time and talents. And Fish Creek Radio is commercial free. Those of you that help out with the costs of electricity, hosting fees and equipment make it possible for Fish Creek Radio to stay on the air.

Nicolas Bedell, Director of Social Sarcasm

As Director of Social Sarcasm, Nicolas does alot of really cool things at Fish Creek Radio.  He's always good for a laugh or a quick one liner.  He also finds ways to assist with many of our IT functions and still manages to toss a song or two in the mix. Now that I've had my proud pop moment, I'll let him tell the rest of the story...

The rest of the Collective Mind

Certain members of the Collective Mind prefer to remain faceless and voicelless, helping out on air and behind the scenes. (radio Dj protection program)  we salute their efforts as well...

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